Outreach Session: Teacher Professional Development Workshop

Mark Badham (Miller Museum of Geology, Queen’s University).  A full day workshop will be offered as a professional development opportunity for elementary and secondary school teachers (maximum 20 participants) on Saturday May 13th at the Miller Museum of Geology.

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Special Session: SS1: Outreach and Education Topics in Geo-science and Geo-engineering

Mark Badham (Miller Museum of Geology, Queen’s University)Raising the profile of Earth Sciences and Engineering as a career option with students of all ages is an important endeavour for everyone who currently works in these fields.  Attracting the next generation of industry workers and researchers depends on it. Once a student has enrolled in a geology or geological engineering program at a post-secondary institution, it is equally important to employ engaging and innovative teaching methods and activities in order to retain the student in the program until graduation. This session will explore all topics related to public outreach (e.g. websites, participation in science outreach days, public lectures, popular course development to attract students from other disciplines, etc.).  Innovative teaching methods and activities for use in labs and lectures are also welcome in this session.  The session will run during the afternoon of Monday, May 15, 2017, in the Richard Milne Geo-Science Education Classroom at the Miller Museum of Geology, Miller Hall, Queen’s University.

*For information on how to submit an abstract, please contact Mark Badham: badhamm@queensu.ca