(1) SelFrag workshop. The purpose of this workshop is to learn how  automatic fragmentation can be used to examine fractures and separate minerals but keeping the grains in their pristine habit. This workshop is taught and sponsored by Isomass/SelFrag. Date: May 14. $0

(2) Interpretation of Geochemical Survey Data.  This workshop will involve the following:

  • Compositional Data Analysis
  • Discussion on mineral stoichiometry and its effect on compositional data
  • Censored Data & Replacement Values
  • Levelling Geochemical Datasets
  • Spatial Sampling SchemeCharacterizing Geochemical Data – visual and numerical descriptions
  • Multivariate Statistics – process discovery and process validation
  • Classification and Predictive Geochemical Mapping
  • Mineral Resource Prediction
  • Case Studies from Canada, Australia, United States

The workshop will be instructed by Eric Grunsky of the University of Waterloo and formerly at the GSC. He is an expert in “big data” interpretation. Date: May 14. Duration is half-day cost is $28.