Short Courses

Novel applications of isotope geochemistry—K. Kyser as organizer.
Isotope geochemistry is an integral part of the Earth sciences, particularly in revealing the fourth dimension of our science (time), reveling the processes involved in natural systems, and tracing the flux of elements between the geosphere and biosphere. Isotope geochemistry is an applied science that adds value to mineral exploration, environmental stewardship, whole earth ecology, timing and causes of evolution, paleoclimates and even food authentication. This course addresses the recent applications of isotope geochemistry in the Earth sciences and how integration with other disciplines represents a paradigm shift in our understanding of the processes that operate in natural systems. Those involved in the course include the top isotope geochemists in Canada. The course lasts for 2 days given its breath, starting two days prior to the GAC-MAC 2017 meeting.

May 13 and 14 – $565 professional; $226 student

Techniques in exploration geochemistry—Matt Leybourne and Gwendy Hall as organizers.
May 13 and 14 – $226 professional; $113 student

Geometallurgy—Tassos Grammatikopoulos and Gema Olivo as organizer.
Environmental and socio-economic demands in the exploitation of future mineral resources require a comprehensive collection and evaluation of mineralogical, geochemical, lithological, physical and metallurgical attributes about ore bodies along with their inherent variability. Geometallurgy is the scientific discipline that integrates all of the mineralogical, geological, mining and processing data into an accurate ore body model that forms the basis for optimization of production and environmental management during the entire life of the project. This course will address: (1) The principles of geometallurgy and critical evaluation of sampling, mineralogical and geochemical methods; and (2) Selected case studies of applications of geometallurgy involving: innovative evaluation of mineral deposits, mineral exploration, resource estimation, applications and implementation of quantitative mineralogical and geochemical data, mining and ore processing, and energy use, treatment of tailings and waste rock and remediation, or implementation of geometallurgical models in mining and plant operations. The Geometallurgy short course will lasts for 2 days given its breadth, starting two days prior to the GAC-MAC 2017 meeting. (May 13-14). SPEAKERS: Tassos Grammatikopoulos, Guy Desharnais, Hugh de Souza, Patrick Mercier, Andrew McDonald, Paul Sylvester, Brian Hart, Michel Brissette, Dragusanu, Cristian, Isabelle Demers, Norman Lotter, Johnna Muinonen, Cesar Sosa, Roussos Dimitrakopoulos. Sponsored by MAC and SGS Canada.