Social Events

Kingston has a lot to offer to visitors, and most accommodations are in the downtown core. As such, many social events will take advantage of our historical roots.
Proposed activities include:
Fort Henry Dinner Banquet
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Visit Ontario’s only UNESCO World Heritage Site, the majestic Fort Henry! The exhibits are both fun and educational, and include activities such as meeting key characters of Canadian history, learning about the military strategies of the day, and other interactive ways to experience history. The dinner banquet will be held at the fort, and includes a great food as well as a variety of beer and wine.

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Prince Edward County Wine Tours
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The Prince Edward County is Ontario’s fastest growing Wine Region with over 40 vineyards and new ones starting up every year. This region is most popular for its Pinot Noir and Chardonnay, but continues to use innovative techniques to produce many other types such as Cabernet Franc, Riesling, Baco Noir, Merlot, and many more. The county is a one-hour drive from Kingston.

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Kingston Haunted Walks Tours
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Tours with the Haunted Walks will take you on a walking tour of Kingston, lead by a guide who will share all of the spookiest stories of the area. From haunted hotels to grave robbings, these stories will amaze and intrigue you. A special offer on the weekend includes Haunted Walking Tours of Fort Henry.

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Kingston 1000 Island Cruises
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Discover the 1000 islands regions or see Kingston by water on the various boat cruises that Kingston 1000 Island Cruises offers. These include a 90-minute or 3-hour sightseeing cruise around Kingston or brunch, lunch and dinner cruises featuring their signature buffet and VQA Ontario wines.

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Kingston Trolley
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Kingston Trolley provides 80-minute tours that stop at all of the city’s best known tourist locations such as the Penitentiary Museum, Bellevue House, and the Royal Military College of Canada. At each stop, you may jump off the trolley and tour the area and simply hop onto the next trolley and continue the tour. For more information follow this link:

Visit to the Parliament
Pub crawl
Historic Kingston